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Weight loss consultations

Our physician-led weight loss programs are designed to promote the health and safety of our patients. After evaluating your current weight and health, we will develop a personalized weight loss plan, provide dietary recommendations, and monitor your progress—we’ll be with you every step of the way.

To help us develop the right plan for you, your first consultation may include a detailed exam; a comprehensive blood panel, EKG, weight and body fat analysis; and a review of your medical and health history. This thorough exam will provide an evaluation of your current health as well as a starting point for you and your physician to establish goals and track success.

After reviewing and discussing the results of the initial evaluation with you, your physician will inform you about the nutritional and exercise components of the program and will work with you to establish healthy and safe weight loss goals.

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Who Benefits from a Weight Loss Consultation?

Anyone who is looking to take control of their weight can benefit from a weight loss consultation with us. Perhaps you’re struggling to get to your optimal weight where you feel confident, healthy, and full of energy. Or perhaps you want to combat chronic illness like high blood pressure or type two diabetes and managing your weight will help. In all of these cases, you can benefit from a weight loss consultation with our professionals.

The following are just a few reasons to schedule a weight loss consultation: