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About Preventive Health Care

Preventive health care is an ex-ante concept and requires planning and execution well ahead of time even when disease or illness is absent. It is about maintaining our body and good health throughout our lifetime to prevent diseases from happening.

For anyone who is above 35 years of age, it is always better to check the health status even if one is in normal health.

In today's age, the changing lifestyle, stress and pollution levels can lead to health issues for which early checks are necessary before the problem gets compounded. Diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels can begin early in life which, if not detected and intervened in time, can have more serious repercussions later. Many ailments begin without fair warning signals, but if detected early, we can take up corrective actions. These actions can be dietary changes or simply an adjustment in lifestyle without the need for medical intervention.

Why Preventive Health Care

Caring for patients requires holistic approach to take into consideration the biological, psychological and social factors relevant to the care of each patient's illness. Our duties are not confined to specific organs of the body, person to be considered as a whole, and hence our team have particular skills in treating people with multiple health issues. They are trained to treat patients to levels of complexity that vary between individuals