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'Fitness after 40!' program

Your 40th birthday is not a beginning of declining strength and fitness. The truth is, exercise is more important after age 40 than ever before.But your body changes as you age and your fitness training must change with it. Adapting your middle-age fitness training program to your body's changing needs enables you to maintain or improve your fitness as you navigate through your 40s, 50s and beyond.

It's one of the undeniable facts of life. After we reach a certain age, our bodies change. No matter how fit we may have been at 20, we're very different people after 40. But growing older doesn't have to diminish our fitness level. The good news is that not only can we retain the vigor of our youth, we can actually perform as well, if not better, than ever. We have a unique medical program specifically designed to target the fitness and performance needs of mature athletes. In Fitness After 40, we demonstrate how to use flexibility, aerobic exercise, and strength training to maximize the benefits of their fitness regime.

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Complete with a nutrition plan and an exercise program for older athletes, Fitness After 40 will help everyone regain the energy of their youth and look and feel better than ever.